Tattoo inks

Today I am going to tell you what inks to use. And why. This is going to be short and sweet.


I prefer to use Skin Candy tattoo ink.  Skin candy is bright, has black light ink, and stays looking newer longer. And doesn’t fade fast. I do not have many tattoos with skin candy tattoo ink, because my ex couldn’t afford it, but he was NOT a tattoo artist, just aspiring to be one. He used this Chinese ink that was watered down, and just plain crap.


Now when you use UV ink (black light ink) make sure that the tattoo artist know how to use it, and tattoo with it. I have seen some pretty messed up UV tattoos. UV is hard to work with because it is virtually invisible, to the naked eye, and that is what it is supposed to be.


MOM’s tattoo ink is awesome ink; most tattoo studios use this ink. This ink is durable, long lasting, beautiful, bright and has a variety of colors and shades.


These are the only two brands that I know artists use. I will come up with more as the days come by.ImageImageImage


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