photos and reasons behind my tattoos

these are some of my 15 tattoos.


How I choose a tattoo:


I go for things I like, and love, ask my tattoo artist what he recommends, and how much it will hurt, as I hate paint.


Here’s how I design my tattoo, I look at where I want to put the tattoo, if I gain weight will it stretch? If I lose weight will it look crappy? Will it look good in color or black? How many people have this tattoo, how many people have something similar.


I myself HATE having tattoos that are over done. So I try and design my own tattoo. The tattoo on my back is a rose, i hate that tattoo because my ex fiancee’s friend did that tattoo and did not listen to me when I said how I wanted it, and it turned out crappy. DO NOT DO TATTOOS AT HOME, DO NOT ASK BF’S OR GF’S DO GIVE YOU A TATTOO!!! I have had 90% of my tattoos done by my now ex, and when you piss them off when they give you a tattoo they make it look like poo.


I have to get my tattoos fixed because my ex sucked. So now I go to every tattoo place, ask which ink they use, how long they have been tattooing, they touch up procedure


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