Bad tattoos and good tattoos

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Welcome back to my blog.  Katrina here to show you pictures of tattoos good and bad that I have found on the Internet.  I will list why they are good, why they are bad. I will show you home made ones, that people do stick n poke (needle and pen ink) and professional tattoos. I will also post piercings that I find very appealing.

s a bad tattoo because it is stick poke. you can tell because it looks like a 5 year old drew it.ImageImageImageImageImageImageThe bad tattoos are done horribly and I do not need to tell you why. You can figure it out for yourselves. I think in a designers point of view, they weren’t thought out, the people didn’t educate themselves on the permanency of tattoos,  and did not go to the properly trained tattoo artist.

Tattoo inks

Today I am going to tell you what inks to use. And why. This is going to be short and sweet.


I prefer to use Skin Candy tattoo ink.  Skin candy is bright, has black light ink, and stays looking newer longer. And doesn’t fade fast. I do not have many tattoos with skin candy tattoo ink, because my ex couldn’t afford it, but he was NOT a tattoo artist, just aspiring to be one. He used this Chinese ink that was watered down, and just plain crap.


Now when you use UV ink (black light ink) make sure that the tattoo artist know how to use it, and tattoo with it. I have seen some pretty messed up UV tattoos. UV is hard to work with because it is virtually invisible, to the naked eye, and that is what it is supposed to be.


MOM’s tattoo ink is awesome ink; most tattoo studios use this ink. This ink is durable, long lasting, beautiful, bright and has a variety of colors and shades.


These are the only two brands that I know artists use. I will come up with more as the days come by.ImageImageImage

photos and reasons behind my tattoos

these are some of my 15 tattoos.


How I choose a tattoo:


I go for things I like, and love, ask my tattoo artist what he recommends, and how much it will hurt, as I hate paint.


Here’s how I design my tattoo, I look at where I want to put the tattoo, if I gain weight will it stretch? If I lose weight will it look crappy? Will it look good in color or black? How many people have this tattoo, how many people have something similar.


I myself HATE having tattoos that are over done. So I try and design my own tattoo. The tattoo on my back is a rose, i hate that tattoo because my ex fiancee’s friend did that tattoo and did not listen to me when I said how I wanted it, and it turned out crappy. DO NOT DO TATTOOS AT HOME, DO NOT ASK BF’S OR GF’S DO GIVE YOU A TATTOO!!! I have had 90% of my tattoos done by my now ex, and when you piss them off when they give you a tattoo they make it look like poo.


I have to get my tattoos fixed because my ex sucked. So now I go to every tattoo place, ask which ink they use, how long they have been tattooing, they touch up procedure


This is a blog for the tattoo virgins. If you have any questions,  I may have answers. I will look up what I don’t know, ask my tattoo artist, or help with any research. And since this is a design blog, I will help with designs. I will post pictures of my tattoos, and designs for future designs.

About me

I am Katrina, a 30-year-old design student, wanting to share my love for tattoos, how to pick them, how to design the perfect tattoo, and how to ask a tattoo artist to draw and create a tat that is perfect for you.


I have 15 tattoos, all of which I am proud of. Some I designed, some I took from pre-designed tattoos.


I have 2 kids both school aged, 0 animals, and I work part time. Image